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It’s here, folks. Opening Day. Well, opening day to the extent that most American baseball fans will think of it. For purposes of enjoying this day, we’re going to ignore the two games played by Oakland and Seattle in Japan last week — games that we later found out many fans did not know were being played.

I’ve heard some people even treat this day like a national holiday, taking a vacation day from the job to sit in front of ESPN and other outlets showing games. I work from home and if I don’t get stuff done I don’t get paid, so I’ll still be working, but the television will be on in the background.

Brad Beneke has penned detailed season previews you can access via links in the table below. Also below are predictions for the playoffs from Brad, Tony and Andy. The 2012 season is now officially underway.

Andy Tony
AL East New York Yankees New York Yankees New York Yankees
AL Central Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers
AL West Los Angeles Angels Texas Rangers Texas Rangers
AL Wild Card Texas Rangers Boston Red Sox Los Angeles Angels
AL Wild Card loser Tampa Bay Rays Los Angeles Angels Toronto Blue Jays
NL East Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies
NL Central Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee Brewers St. Louis Cardinals
NL West San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants
NL Wild Card Los Angeles Dodgers Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee Brewers
NL Wild Card loser Atlanta Braves Washington Nationals Washington Nationals
AL Champion New York Yankees New York Yankees Detroit Tigers
NL Champion Cincinnati Reds Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies
World Series Champion New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies
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2 Responses to 2012 MLB Predictions

  • Brad says:

    We’ve known each other for 25 years or more and this might be the most we’ve ever agreed on anything hahaha

    Toronto can’t play defense and Boston isn’t healthy the Rays staff is too damn good to not win. I like St. Louis a lot, but until I know Carpenter is healthy AND Oswalt is signed no dice. The Braves starters will go deeper this year making that pen more dominating.

    I look forward to what happens in fla when they don’t make it. What is the plan B in Miami?

  • Mike Stermel says:

    The Phils could very well recover to be a WS contender. Right now, however, there is much panic among the Phandom here. The offense has been worse than we thought, the starting pitchers go out every game thinking that they can;t give up a run. It’s still early but in Philly it’s getting late already….(to paraphrase Yogi Berra).

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