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The reception that Tony Gwynn Jr. received upon his first at bat after the tragic loss of his father was beautiful. writes about it, but putting into context the passion that Phillies fans have for the game, it’s meaning, and the players that play for them and around the country make them my favorite fan base in the entire game.  Their reaction to Gwynn’s at bat last night was passion at its finest and respect for the loss of his father.

Devin Mesoraco has hit a homerun in five consecutive games played. I remember when Ken Griffey Jr and Don Mattingly had their great homerun streaks, and not to be mean to Devin, but they were superstars… . His stats are showing that he is riding the wave of his career.  Will it last?  His numbers are gargantuan compared to previous seasons… I for one hope he’s for real, and that we will not be seeing his name smirched for PEDS, but look what it’s come to!  Because he’s not Griffey Jr. or Mike Trout a person can’t help but have a seed of doubt sewn in. I wonder how long the tarnish will be on the game?

Pitching wins!  Following up his no hitter with another outstanding eight innings of shutout baseball was Clayton Kershaw  Maybe he isn’t the greatest pitcher to ever pitch, but maybe – just maybe — he is!

Not to be forgotten, my guy Tim Lincecum threw his second no hitter in as many seasons today!  His stuff isn’t as electrifying as it once was, but Tim has become a complete pitcher. How he’s done it on such a slight frame is astounding, but as I wrote earlier, Lincecum is the kind of guy you want for a big game, and on any given day he has more than enough in the tank to take you down all by himself.

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2 Responses to Charging the mound with Brad — baseball winners

  • John Curtis says:

    Classy ovation for Tony’s kid. Real baseball fans are like that, though. Kershaw is money, what can you say? Lincecum has a bulldog mentality. I love watching pitchers like that. Too bad the Twins have a bunch of mostly gutless babies. Doesn’t help that Gardy doesn’t want players that have a pair.

  • Brad says:

    Players with passion have attitude and Gardy cannot handle having players with leadership qualities. That is why they don’t have any leaders in the clubhouse.

    As a baseball fan I find myself paying more and more attention to real baseball teams

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