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Trade thoughts

It’s that time of year again. And if you’re an amateur GM like me, then the fast-approaching trade deadline means you are glued to (currently my home page on both my desktop and laptop).

We’ve already seen the Oakland A’s land the second best pitcher in Jeff Samardzija. They also picked up Jason Hammel, who has been having an amazing season.

With no glaring holes, and now the strongest rotation in baseball, the A’s look tough to beat. Should one of their players go down they still have as a trade chip Tommy Milone to dangle.

But that is just a couple of pieces and two teams. With this being a down year for a lot of teams (loving  Boston Wrong this season personally) I see this having the potential to be a massive trade deadline. Continue reading

The Pirates absolutely needed the bat and the game of Ike Davis. By trading one of their best minor league relief prospects the Pirates gave up a potential asset for a definite asset. This should make the Pirates a huge winner in this, but the trade balances out quite nicely.

Anyone that has been paying attention to at all has seen that the Mets are perceiving themselves as winners in this situation as well.  First it clears the path for Duda to play every day at first base. Beyond that it will bring Bobby Abreu up from AAA to resume his MLB career. Finally it loads their minor league system with a top notch reliever while clearing everything else up.

My view right now is that the Pirates come out of this deal ahead 70/30.  Davis’ bat and this trade should be a huge shot in the arm to the players in Pittsburgh knowing that the owner and GM have the players’ backs.

The Mets don’t really lose anything by making this trade and stand to gain greatly if Abreu is more than a shell of his former self. And if and when Zach Thornton makes his MLB debut he becomes a top notch reliever… I think that the Mets will look at that as an amazing bonus.

I was on Facebook talking to a pretty rabid Twins (anti-twins management) group talking about the usual problems, when I saw one of the members talk about “what if Oswaldo Arcia or Aaron Hicks flame out … then what?”

Being a Pirates fan I knew Pittsburgh was about to shop OF Jose Tabata, who would be a huge upgrade for Minnesota. I started to think what would make sense, and proposed this:  Scott Diamond (LHP) and one of two first baseman/outfielders — either Chris Colabello or Chris Parmelee for Tabata.

No one on the Twins page argued it. I then went to a Pirates page and mentioned it to them as well – they seemed mostly just excited to be rid of injury prone Tabata. Some Pirates fans think they can get more, but most liked the idea of getting another ex-Twins player and seeing what they can do to fix him, ala Francisco Liriano.

From the Pirates perspective this makes sense on multiple levels. One: they have Gregory Polanco waiting until May in AAA. After the solid season he had last year, the only thing keeping him back is his arbitration clock. Continue reading