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The National League Central has gone through a massive facelift that will continue next year with the removal of the Houston Astros. It began last season with the perennial doormats in Pittsburgh showing signs of life on Mars and carried over into the winter with the beautiful bat of Albert Pujols and the massive power and girth of Prince Fielder leaving for the American League. So, after the fallout, where do the teams fall?

The Houston Astros are simply the worst team in baseball. As much as I want to bash my Minnesota Twins and their god-awful management, the Astros are even worse. Continue reading

Prince Fielder: king of the bottom feeders thanks to Scott Boras. Why is the consensus second best free agent for the 2011-2012 class, ranked only behind only Albert Pujols, still out there? What is keeping him from signing? He has been in contact and had contracts offered to him by what seems like half the team in major league baseball. Why isn’t he on someone’s roster yet?

Let’s look at his contract desire. He wants $25 million or more, and rumor has it that he wanted a 10-year deal, but it appears now that a six-year contract is all he is likely to get – due to his size and his mediocrity at 1st base.

Production wise Prince Fielder is worth $25 million per, but at 300-plus pounds, logic says his days at 1st base are numbered. And Fielder’s not a top 10 draw in baseball no matter how many homers he hits so, 10 years is out of the question unless you’re buying what Boras is selling, and if you are… may I suggest some Cottonelle or Charmin?
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