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What was your reaction to the selection of Rob Manfred as MLB's next commissioner?

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The AL Central is a difficult division to predict. The Indians have some talent, but choke. The Twins have some talent, but it’s always hurt. The White Sox have some talent, but the organization is run ass-backwards. Kansas City has a ton of young talent, but usually somewhere between drafting, the minors and the majors they find a way to fail. The Tigers have decided to spend on talent, and are everybody’s darlings, but they have massive flaws, as well. Any one of four teams could finish last. Continue reading

America has always been a strange dichotomy of mixed messages.

Our fascination, love, fear and disdain of sorts with Cubans has long permeated the American way of life. The Cuban mystique was started by Hollywood, mobsters, musicians and all of the above in Frank Sinatra and so many other influential Americans who spent much of their free time in haciendas and casinos in Havana enjoying the famous and now illegal Cuban cigars.

The Cuban Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs Invasion are parts of our American fabric. Baby Boomer fear mongering may have been born with it.

We see our hopes and fears and triumph with Elian Gonzalez and other refugees traveling through shark-filled, dangerous waters to get to the freedom that we here in the U.S.A. often take for granted. America’s Past Time is an excellent example of this dichotomy. We were taught to fear and hate him, but there are stories of Fidel Castro himself once being a pitching prospect looked at by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Continue reading